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AI-powered solutions for biodiversity

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Biodiversity enhancement is complex


That's why we are building the World's first foundational model for biodiversity at the hyper-local level

It will allow any real estate or supply chain asset to become a 'nature positive' asset

Biodiversity enhancement on real estate and supply chain assets

Whether the target is voluntary or
mandatory CSR, business value creation
or nature credits ...

Sample pages from Complex Earth Biodiversity Gap Analysis

... our fast and precise
'Biodiversity Gap Analysis'
shows asset managers, owners and operators the potential for enhancement at any location


And we have a full SaaS for operating biodiversity enhancement as an overlay coming soon

We are passionate about
biodiversity innovation

Paul Chaney - CEO Complex Earth

Paul Chaney CEO

Expert in net-zero biodiversity enhancements, digital innovator

Tomáš Mládek - CTO Complex Earth

Tomáš Mládek CTO

Software engineer & tech strategist

Mykyta Ivanchenko - software engineer

Mykyta Ivanchenko

Software engineer

Advisory team:

Saurabh Jain-Punamiya



UN Climate Champion & sustainability policy advisor

Shila Wattamwar

Shila Wattamwar

Sustainability & ESG strategist in banking & real estate

Dr Matthew Creasey

Dr Matt Creasey

Ecologist, expert in landscape restoration & conservation

Liz Kircher

Liz Kircher

ESG strategist in supply chain & agriculture

Sebastiaan Huisman

Sebastiaan Huisman

Organic farmer and landscape renovation advisor


Reach out and share your

biodiversity challenge ...

Our collaborators and supporters:

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