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Our product is delivered in three easy steps ...

Step 1 – Analysis
Discover GRESB & biodiversity uplift potential

  • Analysis of current GRESB certification (free service) 


  • Asset-by-asset satellite and AI based land-cover analysis


  • Asset-by-asset AI analysis of historical and existing biodiversity & habitat


We assess your current GRESB certification and show you how you can increase points in a free report 


Next, we assess the land-cover at each asset so we can determine which assets have the most potential for biodiversity uplift

Once you have chosen which assets to take to the next step, we produce a list of plants and habitats that can be implemented to create climate change resilient uplifts with the maximum local biodiversity value, and a list of options with cost indications delivered as a report for each asset

Step 2 – Implementation
Detailed guidance and planning for each asset

  • Documentation

    • Biodiversity policy 

    • Vision document

    • Roadmap 

  • Employee training program

  • Asset-by-asset implementation plans


Based on the outcomes of the analysis we produce a biodiversity policy, a vision document and a roadmap for sharing within your organisation and with your investors


We supply written materials to onboard your staff, your tenants and their staff to the topic of biodiversity and the uplifts being planned at the asset


We prepare a design for each asset with detailed implementation and maintenance plans for sharing with your internal landscape maintenance teams or external contractors:


  • Planting plans 

  • Stock procurement information

  • Care & maintenance instructions


Step 3 – Validation
Record and prove each biodiversity uplift

  • Dashboards for monitoring

    • Biodiversity uplift

    • Maintenance tasks

    • Engagements (see below)

  • MRV tools

    • AI-powered plant identification tools 

    • Geofenced website for each asset


Our software platform allows you to monitor the success of each biodiversity uplift, keep track of any maintenance tasks, and monitor how tenants and their employees and customers are engaging with the uplifts (see below)

Our GPS enabled MRV App and AI-powered plant identification tool allows you to verify each uplift and record progress on a dedicated website for each asset

Community Engagement

An innovative community engagement encourages your tenants, their employees and customers, and the wider community to engage with nature


This builds alignment, earns you GRESB points for engagement, and generates further  data for future biodiversity audits

  1. Tenants, employees and community members scan a QR code sign board installed at the property and learn about the purpose and value of the biodiversity uplift

  2. They take pictures of the new flora and fauna to learn about each species and upload data to our MRV App


Delivery Timeline

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