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Biodiversity enhancements
optimised for different needs...

REITs, Asset Managers & Property Owners

Gain extra points on your ESG certifications by improving ESG scores!


Biodiversity has the most headroom for improvement In several ESG certifications for real estate (GRESB, BREEAM etc). Many assets have green spaces that have not been utilised for points uplift. Deploying biodiversity enhancements is a great way to unlock extra points  


Even before potential deployment of a biodiversity enhancement, we can influence your ESG score by creating Biodiversity Roadmaps, Biodiversity Policies and Employee Training on the topic of biodiversity


During and after deployment, our platform gives you the control and insight that you need to manage the biodiversity enhancement and validate it ready for audits


If you are already on the ESG ‘A list’ and need to find new ways to increase your scores get in touch!

Property Developers

We can help you meet your Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) obligations by roadmapping effective and high-quality biodiversity enhancements throughout the entire development process from pre-planning to occupation


Biodiversity enhancements are an increasingly important aspect of placemaking. As the links between human health and happiness, and biodiversity become clearer, more and more building users are keen to engage with native biodiversity in the green spaces around their homes and workplaces


We can also influence the ESG score of your organisation by showing you how to utilise your empty plots for temporary biodiversity enhancement. Reach out to discover more!

Municipalities, Local Government & NGOs

Our platform makes it possible for municipalities, local government and NGOs to achieve compliance and reach targets within tight budgets


We make it quicker and easier to masterplan, deploy, manage and track enhancements across whole cities or regions. We can help specify BNG and biodiversity enhancement requirements at tender and pre-planning stages more quickly and easily 


The public engagement element can be deployed in schools, communities and internal teams to deliver high quality education and training on biodiversity with efficient resourcing

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